Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Almost Two Years

It's almost two years since I started this blog, finally expressed my desire to write, then proceeded to do absolutely nothing about it.  Well I did buy some lovely notebooks and some great pens....  I still haven't had the guts to actually write anything.

Then today I saw a retweet to this blogpost  'It's ok to be awful' which really spoke to me.  It doesn't matter if at first you're rubbish.  The important thing is that you started.  I think we all have that fear, as expressed by the author of the post, that people might not like what we create, or worse might not like us!  Then I realised that I don't have this problem with my other creative outlets.  I can knock up a crochet flower, and feel happy to share it on Instagram, or sew a little pouch and share it on Twitter, so why do I find it so hard to start writing, and the thought of sharing it with anyone feel like being asked to sacrifice my first born?  I came to think that maybe it was because the steaks are so much higher.  Because writing is so much a part of who I am and so important to me, the fear of failure is so much greater.  But really, what would failure constitute?  Not becoming a published author?  Not writing anything I think is any good?  Negative feedback from anyone I did let read my writing?  Struggling for anything to write about?  None of that would matter as long as I gave it a go.

The biggest failure would be to not even try.  

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